SSK iPad Smart Case Z-301 Pink
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SSK iPad Smart Case Z-301 Pink

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SSK iPad Smart Case Z-301 Pink
SSK Z301PINK001 conew1
SSK Z301003

For: ipad / the new ipad
Color: pink
Size: 21mm (H) * 250mm (L) * 202 (W)
Weight: 0.41KG

the appearance and taste of personal design
The SSK Smart Case Tablet protector using disposable voltage molding, thin and light design of personal translucent frosted back cover, perfectly compatible with the ipad 2 / new ipad products;

Using imported raw materials, environmental protection, non-toxic, is conducive to human health.
Surface PC + imported PU material, environmental health, excellent toughness easily broken, and the use of more assured;
Lined with ultra-fine nanofibers, cutting edge neat, burr-free wireless head, use more desirable.
SSK Smart Case
for your ipad provides excellent protection effects and carry a nice sense.
New holes:
Corresponding to the power switch, volume adjustment and cameras  all have holes designed, convenient operation; design of the back cover four buckle feet firmly fastened your ipad.

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