Nansin Royqueen Recording Speaker X-6 Updated Version
Type: sale     Posted Date: 16-Feb-2013

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Driver size: 40mm
Output: 2W
1. Fashion LCD Display, display Chinese/English tune/songs words, support 20 kind of language
2. Support record function with on button. Convenient for life
3. Support SD/U-DISK, MP3/WMA double decode
4. FM stereo radio that support auto search stations, explore universal antenna design.
5. High fidelity earphone output to allow you enjoying yourself.
6 .Memory play, can remember the playing position of last time
7. Sound and play mode button to promote play efficiency.
8.Support“Turbo Bass”technology. Super bass and clean treble.
9. Ultra-light,ultra-portable media machine.
10. Removable Li-battery, compatible Nokia battery, Battery capacity:1050mA
11.UV coating with high performance craft
12.USB audio function
13.Save power design ,continue play about 10 hours.

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