Car Power Inverter 200w ប្រដាប់កូវអាគុុយឡាន​​2០០០​វ៉ាត់
Type: sale     Posted Date: 31-Aug-2015

 Name: Power Inverter 12V/24V to 220V ប្រដាប់កូវអាគុយឡាន

Item Code : CE-06-006-0020

Price : $ 14.73

Contact Number: 038 35 32 876

Convert from  car DC 12V into AC 220V, then you are able to use those AC devices in car, like  notebook, television and so on
 Built-in an  universal AC oulet, so no worry about the plug issue
 Automatic  protection against overload, over temperature and low/high battery conditions
 Built-in a 5V  USB port, so you are able to use digital device, like MP3,MP4 and so on
 Key Protection  Areas
Over-temperature protection
Low battery voltage shutdown (10.0 VDC and automatic reset)

High battery voltage shutdown (15.5 VAC and automatic reset)

Built-in fuse  20A

It can be  applied to many devices like Cell phone, Cam Recorder, Stereo Systems, laptop  computer, TV, and so on


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